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Our air, water and soil are being continuously, intentionally and intensely poisoned with aluminum and other chemicals. This has been happening on a large scale since 1999. These poisons are being delivered to us in the air via jets flying at high altitude leaving “chemtrail” deposits in their wake. These trails expand and grow until they fill the skies from horizon to horizon, and rain down these toxic chemicals as tiny particles embedded in the air that we all breathe. These poisons also land (and increasingly accumulate) in our ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans, and of course the soil. This is not just in the U.S., it is all over Europe as well. Wherever it is occurring, it is negatively impacting everyone and everything – often dramatically. As I’ve said before, those in charge are psychopaths. They don’t give a shit about you and me or yours and mine.

The people that are responsible for this and the other atrocities discussed on this site, should be brought to justice before the American people and the entire world population, and summarily executed for their crimes against humanity and the planet. Oh, but wait, I forgot – those people are the ones that are actually untouchable and above the law. But not for long.

EPA? The Environmental Protection Agency? Where is this agency? WTF? EPA, translated, means Economic Protection Agency, “Protecting government, military, and major corporations at the cost of America’s environment.” And doing it with the taxpayer’s money. My money and your money. They’re just like every other farcical federal government agency.

For now, watch this video (“What In The World Are They Spraying”), and use this website as a resource.


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